Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So there I was... The Hive Ship

So there I was standing on the balcony with my good friend Julia and we were looking at the sky ((looking at the moon actually)) and we saw two blinking objects! I moved closed to Julia and stubbed my foot in a nail that was poking out of a piece of wood. ((Pointer #1 - Be careful on old balcony's when barefoot. Actually, just don't be clumsy like me and step on one)) I shook it off and stood next to Julia. "Hey look! Blinking stars!" I exclaimed. "No, those are Hives. They've got to be! they're probably fighting." We looked at each other with excitement. Although we couldn't really see each other because it was dark. But I'm sure she was as excited as I was.....ish. "We've got to tell Jennae and Kayla!" We went to the door to do so to find it locked by my brother. ((Pointer #2 - Never, ever, have a door that doesn't unlock.....it's bad news.)) Well, we knocked on the door and got Jennae's attention. We said "Jennae, guess what! Two Hives are fighting!" "Really?!" She asked. After that, we decided to go inside and take cover. We didn't know when they might blow the other one up. ((Pointer #3 - If you're on the top level of the house, you probably aren't that safe from things like bursting-into-flame Hives. Go to the basement.)) Well, the next night when we saw each other we talked about it. The conversation went something like this: "So Julia, did you feel that earthquake last night? I think it must have been the Hives!" I said. "Yeah, it felt like they crashed into Saudi Arabia!" "I know...oh look! What do you think that is? Another Hive?" I said pointing to a blinking object in the sky. "No it's probably a scout. Probably looking for the Hives." "I hope there aren't any survivors. That would be bad news for us." "Yeah but maybe Shepperd's team was after it." "If we're lucky."

Monday, September 15, 2008

So There I was... And So Begins Dance

So there I was stuffing my bags with dance shoes, school books, and a sweatshirt. ((Pointer #1-When going somewhere that requires physical activity...LIKE DANCE.... Bring a water bottle.....you'll really need it....Trust me when I say that you'll get dehydrated!)) I ate supper quickly ((but not TOO quickly)) and jumped ((not litilary)) into the car. My sister drove me and we arrived at dance only five minutes early. But for me, all I got to do for two hours was math, and listen to whatever dance lesson was going on. ((Pointer #2- When waiting for someone.....suppose its your sister who is dancing before you get to......make sure you bring something interesting to do....math...interesting?...not so much!)) But i finished math and listened to the lesson my sister was getting. I had to go to dance the next night anyway.....But for now, I sat there. Finially it was my turn.....5 6 7 8......and so on..... dance is something I love! A lot! But it takes commitment....((Pointer #3- If theres something you love to do...such as dance... It takes commitment, practice and a whole lot of running around to do! But if you love to do it......then you'll sacrifice....))

The pictures...... This is a picture of me getting ready for dance recital last year.....I know...a lot of make up....it did take a lot of effort...from sun up to sun down to get ready..... ((Okay...that MAY be an exaderation....but...whatever...))

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re: So There I was... A Great Big Purse ((Off-post to Strawberry Goo))

So there I was, in the Bugly ((yes, an ugly bus that got the name Bugly....)) and I sat next to Raquel and picked up my flavored water, about to say something, but dropping the bottle. ((Pointer #1-When you drop something, pretend its on purpose and then maybe people won't suspect anything)) I retrieved it and said "I don't think this is going to fit in my purse. I mean, its already stuffed! And It was, it had a skirt, a shirt, a jacket, a wallet, a deck of cards, a few pens, gum, my gooey cell phone, and a lot of other things. ((Pointer #2- Make sure you unpack your purse bedfore you go places... It's a really good idea... trust me!)) And I said "This is a huge purse! It's really great! It holds all sorts of things!" I stuffed my bottle to the center of my purse and countinued "I mean, its got pockets and look! It even holds water botles!" I showed her to pouches that held water bottles and then my face lit up "IT HOLDS WATER BOTTLES!" and I grabbed my water bottle from the center and stuffed it into the water bottle pocket. I smiled in sastisfaction. ((Pointer #3- When you purse is stuffed to the very top and you have a pocket for water bottles and you put your bottle in the center...dont! Make use of the pocket!))

Quote about my purse "Just because it's an endless pit doesn't mean you should treat it like one!"

Monday, August 4, 2008

So There I was... Homemade Facial Masks

So there I was throwing in whatever looked like it would make our mixture thicker. We were having trouble with the recipie for our 'strawberry' facial mask. It was suppose to open your pours..... I'm not sure how.... But it wasn't thick enough so Dana ((my friend)) and me were putting in things ((like extra oatmeal)) to make it thicker. ((Pointer #1-When making homemade facial masks, use a recipie that isn't runny... Because then you'll have to throw in who-knows-what to make it thicker.)) So we finialy finished and asked for a volunteer to put the facial mask on. My friend Jessica volunteered. ((Poor Jess!)) Which probably wasn't the best idea... ((Pointer #2-Don't volunteer for anything that hasn't been tested... Actually, don't volunteer for anything weird at all...its a recipie for disaster, and not a runny one like the facial mask!)) So we layed her down on the couch and got some towls and put on the "facial mask" But it ended up all over her new pj's she got for Christmas.... We wipe it all off and I personally washed her hair in our sink ((at 2:00am I might add)) and then dried her hair and she changed. Now, we always tell her how sorry we are that she volunteered to be our 'ginnea pig' We don't make facial masks anymore... ((Pointer #3- When you put a homemade facial mask on someone else, make sure there are a TON or towls and that they aren't wearing new pj's. Actually.....Don't make a facial mask, leave it to the experts! It only leads to trouble when you do!))

Sunday, August 3, 2008

So There I was..... The Mystery of the Dounut

So there I was sitting in Sunday School and someone mentions Dounuts. Now when you have a class full of 6th, 7th and 8th graders, somethings bound to be said about it. So we took prayer requests, prayed and then my Teacher, Bill, mentioned fellowship after Sunday School. He said... "... And there will be dounuts and--" "Who came up with the word Dounut!?" One of my fellow classmates decided to ask. "Well... thats a good question..." Bill started. "I think it was because Dounuts are made out of dough and.....they look like a nut!" Joel, my friend, said. We all laughed. "But it doesn't look like a nut..." Joey, another friend, said. "Well the little ones do! Like the bite sized ones!" Joel jumped in. "No, I think those look more like balls....." He added. "Ok, so I've got! They aren't Dounuts, they're Douballs!" I decided and so thats the now solved Mystery of the Dounut....oops...Douballs!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

So There I was... ((A Rose Bush with Thorns))

So there I was with our little kitty named Tarzan. Which I love emmensly! I was joking with my little brother and put the kitty on my back, because his claws would be able to hold onto my t-shirt. I take a step back to aviode having my brother see and step into something that has now punctured my skin! I look down to find that I had stepped into a rose bush. I quickly handed my brother the kitten. ((Pointer #1- When hiding a kitten from your brother, find a safe place to do it)) Now, our family was pulling weeds for my Grandma because it was her birthday. So instead of going inside to aid my scratches, I stay outside to pull weeds. Well, I ended up get sand in my scratches and so I went inside to clean it up.((Pointer #2- Take a break if you get hurt and take care of whatever happened)) When I did come outside again we finished weeding the garden and went back inside. From that point on I've learned to watch where I step, which brings me to...((Pointer #3-Watch where you step...Actually, don't kide the kitten from your brother in the first place and then you won't end up taking a step back and ending up finding out that a rose bush has thorns))

So There I was... Strawberry Goo

As we all know the only good way to start a story is to being with "So there I was..." Therefore, I will tell you a story of mine every so often and how I have now learned from experience and can now give you some pointers to not make the same mistake......

So there I was, slicing the strawberry's for our desert. ((Stay with me here....)) Now, as it seems, that's not very interesting.... But when you hear music in the background and then soon after that realize that your phone is ringing, you forget the strawberry's you're slicing that have now gotten juice and seeds all over your hands, and dash to get your phone before it stops ringing. But I ended up missing the call while digging through my bottomless purse to find it. ((Pointer #1-Try and keep your purse organized, or at least know where your cell phone is so you don't have to dig.)) I did finally find my phone and go back to the counter where I was cutting the strawberry's and sat down on a stool and called the number back. Well, as it turns out the person calling had accidentally called my number because they were so used to calling me. ((Pointer #2-If your phone stops ringing, let it be... Or at least wash off your hands if they have strawberry goo all over them.... Then you can call the person back... But make sure you dry your hands!)) So after getting off the phone with someone who hadn't even intended to call me, I went back to cutting the strawberry's. But I realized my phone was now covered in strawberry goo that I had to clean off.... I believe that my phone is still sticky to this day.... ((Pointer #3-Why not just be smart in the first place and keep your phone in your pocket so you will hear it and have time to wash your hands before picking it up))

So now that we've all learned a valuable lesson on where and what to do with our phones and purses, lets let our brains rest from all the working we did to learn these lessons!