Monday, August 4, 2008

So There I was... Homemade Facial Masks

So there I was throwing in whatever looked like it would make our mixture thicker. We were having trouble with the recipie for our 'strawberry' facial mask. It was suppose to open your pours..... I'm not sure how.... But it wasn't thick enough so Dana ((my friend)) and me were putting in things ((like extra oatmeal)) to make it thicker. ((Pointer #1-When making homemade facial masks, use a recipie that isn't runny... Because then you'll have to throw in who-knows-what to make it thicker.)) So we finialy finished and asked for a volunteer to put the facial mask on. My friend Jessica volunteered. ((Poor Jess!)) Which probably wasn't the best idea... ((Pointer #2-Don't volunteer for anything that hasn't been tested... Actually, don't volunteer for anything weird at all...its a recipie for disaster, and not a runny one like the facial mask!)) So we layed her down on the couch and got some towls and put on the "facial mask" But it ended up all over her new pj's she got for Christmas.... We wipe it all off and I personally washed her hair in our sink ((at 2:00am I might add)) and then dried her hair and she changed. Now, we always tell her how sorry we are that she volunteered to be our 'ginnea pig' We don't make facial masks anymore... ((Pointer #3- When you put a homemade facial mask on someone else, make sure there are a TON or towls and that they aren't wearing new pj's. Actually.....Don't make a facial mask, leave it to the experts! It only leads to trouble when you do!))

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