Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So there I was... The Hive Ship

So there I was standing on the balcony with my good friend Julia and we were looking at the sky ((looking at the moon actually)) and we saw two blinking objects! I moved closed to Julia and stubbed my foot in a nail that was poking out of a piece of wood. ((Pointer #1 - Be careful on old balcony's when barefoot. Actually, just don't be clumsy like me and step on one)) I shook it off and stood next to Julia. "Hey look! Blinking stars!" I exclaimed. "No, those are Hives. They've got to be! they're probably fighting." We looked at each other with excitement. Although we couldn't really see each other because it was dark. But I'm sure she was as excited as I was.....ish. "We've got to tell Jennae and Kayla!" We went to the door to do so to find it locked by my brother. ((Pointer #2 - Never, ever, have a door that doesn't unlock.....it's bad news.)) Well, we knocked on the door and got Jennae's attention. We said "Jennae, guess what! Two Hives are fighting!" "Really?!" She asked. After that, we decided to go inside and take cover. We didn't know when they might blow the other one up. ((Pointer #3 - If you're on the top level of the house, you probably aren't that safe from things like bursting-into-flame Hives. Go to the basement.)) Well, the next night when we saw each other we talked about it. The conversation went something like this: "So Julia, did you feel that earthquake last night? I think it must have been the Hives!" I said. "Yeah, it felt like they crashed into Saudi Arabia!" "I know...oh look! What do you think that is? Another Hive?" I said pointing to a blinking object in the sky. "No it's probably a scout. Probably looking for the Hives." "I hope there aren't any survivors. That would be bad news for us." "Yeah but maybe Shepperd's team was after it." "If we're lucky."

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