Saturday, August 2, 2008

So There I was... Strawberry Goo

As we all know the only good way to start a story is to being with "So there I was..." Therefore, I will tell you a story of mine every so often and how I have now learned from experience and can now give you some pointers to not make the same mistake......

So there I was, slicing the strawberry's for our desert. ((Stay with me here....)) Now, as it seems, that's not very interesting.... But when you hear music in the background and then soon after that realize that your phone is ringing, you forget the strawberry's you're slicing that have now gotten juice and seeds all over your hands, and dash to get your phone before it stops ringing. But I ended up missing the call while digging through my bottomless purse to find it. ((Pointer #1-Try and keep your purse organized, or at least know where your cell phone is so you don't have to dig.)) I did finally find my phone and go back to the counter where I was cutting the strawberry's and sat down on a stool and called the number back. Well, as it turns out the person calling had accidentally called my number because they were so used to calling me. ((Pointer #2-If your phone stops ringing, let it be... Or at least wash off your hands if they have strawberry goo all over them.... Then you can call the person back... But make sure you dry your hands!)) So after getting off the phone with someone who hadn't even intended to call me, I went back to cutting the strawberry's. But I realized my phone was now covered in strawberry goo that I had to clean off.... I believe that my phone is still sticky to this day.... ((Pointer #3-Why not just be smart in the first place and keep your phone in your pocket so you will hear it and have time to wash your hands before picking it up))

So now that we've all learned a valuable lesson on where and what to do with our phones and purses, lets let our brains rest from all the working we did to learn these lessons!

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