Thursday, August 21, 2008

Re: So There I was... A Great Big Purse ((Off-post to Strawberry Goo))

So there I was, in the Bugly ((yes, an ugly bus that got the name Bugly....)) and I sat next to Raquel and picked up my flavored water, about to say something, but dropping the bottle. ((Pointer #1-When you drop something, pretend its on purpose and then maybe people won't suspect anything)) I retrieved it and said "I don't think this is going to fit in my purse. I mean, its already stuffed! And It was, it had a skirt, a shirt, a jacket, a wallet, a deck of cards, a few pens, gum, my gooey cell phone, and a lot of other things. ((Pointer #2- Make sure you unpack your purse bedfore you go places... It's a really good idea... trust me!)) And I said "This is a huge purse! It's really great! It holds all sorts of things!" I stuffed my bottle to the center of my purse and countinued "I mean, its got pockets and look! It even holds water botles!" I showed her to pouches that held water bottles and then my face lit up "IT HOLDS WATER BOTTLES!" and I grabbed my water bottle from the center and stuffed it into the water bottle pocket. I smiled in sastisfaction. ((Pointer #3- When you purse is stuffed to the very top and you have a pocket for water bottles and you put your bottle in the center...dont! Make use of the pocket!))

Quote about my purse "Just because it's an endless pit doesn't mean you should treat it like one!"

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