Saturday, August 2, 2008

So There I was... ((A Rose Bush with Thorns))

So there I was with our little kitty named Tarzan. Which I love emmensly! I was joking with my little brother and put the kitty on my back, because his claws would be able to hold onto my t-shirt. I take a step back to aviode having my brother see and step into something that has now punctured my skin! I look down to find that I had stepped into a rose bush. I quickly handed my brother the kitten. ((Pointer #1- When hiding a kitten from your brother, find a safe place to do it)) Now, our family was pulling weeds for my Grandma because it was her birthday. So instead of going inside to aid my scratches, I stay outside to pull weeds. Well, I ended up get sand in my scratches and so I went inside to clean it up.((Pointer #2- Take a break if you get hurt and take care of whatever happened)) When I did come outside again we finished weeding the garden and went back inside. From that point on I've learned to watch where I step, which brings me to...((Pointer #3-Watch where you step...Actually, don't kide the kitten from your brother in the first place and then you won't end up taking a step back and ending up finding out that a rose bush has thorns))

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