Sunday, December 6, 2009

So There I Was... [Covered in sweat]

So there I was covered in sweat. Somehow I got roped into running a 5K with my family. How did that happen? (Pointer #1- Never let anyone convince you that running is fun. How can sweating, breathing heavily/panting and having nothing to listen or be able to read be fun?) Well, I started training and the 1 mile grew to 3 and I kept running. The day came that we had to sign up for the run. (Pointer #2- Even though it might seem like a good idea at the time, it wont when it is the day of the run!) The days drew on, I got sick, I got better, I got sick again, and then better. Thanksgiving came, our family was excited! My aunt Heather, Uncle Micheal, Uncle Jered, cousin Haydee, mom, dad, sister, youth leader, his wife and a friend were all running in the race. Well, Saturday arrived and we all were getting hydrated for the race. Around 3:30 we arrived and got ready (and put our bibs on!) and stretched. Finally we went outside, lined up and waited for the whistle! The whistle was blown and we started running. Last lap, I was dieing. Lots of pictures were taken. (Pointer #3-When you are drenched in sweat, your face is bright red and your hair is scattered every which direction, dont let people take pictures. You dont look 'beautiful'!) Well, I was getting close to the last strech, but my asthma was killing me! My uncle ran with me a good portion of the way (thank you!) and then my dad sprinted the last stretch with me! All in all, you should run my next 5K with me! Maybe even a 10K?

Monday, August 24, 2009

So There I Was...Standing at the Door

So there I was standing in front of a high school guy at my front door in pajama shorts and a t-shirt. My hair was greasy and stringy and I did not look too gorgeous! (Pointer #1-Be ready for unexpected visitors. Well, at least not pj's and in need of a shower!) He was selling this card thing because he was raising money for football. Well, after listening politely to him I told him "My parents aren't at home right now." (Don't freak, my grandma was here!) He said "Well, do you know when they'll be back?" I say no, and he says he might come back the next day. (Pointer #2-Just nod and smile if you don't want to say much!) So, the next night I was downstairs with my friends and sister and apparently he came again...My mom comes in and goes "Your friend was here and wondered where you were!" and my sister and me were just like no!!!!! We thought that was over the night before! He was our 'sort-of'' neighbor and he had asked where we were! Well, we were trying to figure out what we would do if he came back and we decided on shouting downstairs "Dad! Theres a nice boy and hes come for my hand!!!!" Okay, not really. We'll see what happens................ Well, the whole thing might have been avoided if I had listend when ym sister said "Don't answer the door." But I had thought she said "Answer the door!" (Pointer #3-Listen closely to your sister. It might not be your brother!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So there I was...Carrying a Friend

So there I was holding onto my friends feet and dragging her into the Womens Restroom. (Pointer #1-When carrying a friend, don't drop her because she'll threaten you and start chasing you....hehehe.....) Well, we got into the bathroom (four of us girls) and started talking. After awhile my friend decided to go the bathroom, but after she had gone I told her it sometimes didn't flush! (OOPS! Pointer #2- When a bathroom doesn't work right, warn your friends BEFORE they find that out for themselves.....) Well, we decided to be helpers and lock the door from the inside so that no one else would have to go through that torment. EXCEPT we couldn't lock it from the outside. So we sent our friend to climb over the stall to lock it and then get back out (same friend that we carryed in there!). Well, she got halfway and we were able to lock it from the outside. (Pointer #3-When you're making a run for it from one of your friends who are threatening you, find a GOOD hiding place!) Well, we left her, on top of the stall, halkfway in between and we ran for it. Except she found us because all we did was hide behind a coat, while standing! All in all, this is better left to the experts............